Packaging Design

Faced with more and more choice, contemporary consumers are less likely to be influenced by a product’s advertising campaign - very often they buy the packaging. Packaging design has become a sophisticated tool used by retailers to promote their products, while for the consumer, it has afforded a means to express lifestyle choice.

Food, wine and beverage packaging are not only designed to stand out on the retail shelf, but to add style to the living environment. Products are ‘dressed’ to highlight their attributes and to make them more accessible.

Through a strong understanding of the unique selling points of our clients’ products, brand attributes and target markets, whether they are domestic or export, REB Design has assembled an enviable stable of packaging design, which has stood the test of time and delivered measurable value adding.

The premium packaging range developed for New Norcia Bakeries in Perth is an excellent example. Designed nearly a decade ago, the Dom Salvado Pan Chocalatti, and New Norcia Bakeries Nut Cake and Almond Biscotti have become the flagships of this nationally renowned artisan bakery. None of the packaging designs have been changed since their development – they are all unique, have strong shelf appeal, are timeless and have set an enviable benchmark that is poorly emulated by many other companies.

The creation of unique proprietary packaging may seem a costly investment for many businesses, but for some, it helps define their brand via the development of a packagethat draws attention, differentiates it from its peers, and provides an increased consumer experience that is in sync with the brands origins, heritage and values.

Fortune Abalone Australia in Sydney falls into this category. Abalone is a renowned globally as a delicacy, while in China it is also considered a luxury item worthy of reserve for special occasions. More often than not, however, the premium status of the product is poorly reflected in its packaging. With this in mind, Fortune Abalone Australia commissioned REB Design to manage a branding and packaging program, which would add value to the produce on offer in its superb new retail outlet in Chatswood.

More recently, REB Design was approached to develop the Overeem Whisky brand and packaging for Old Hobart Distillery in Tasmania. Aimed squarely at those who appreciate highly refined, single malt whiskies, REB Design created and in turn, co-ordinated packaging production in France, China and Australia. The result is a classic bell shaped bottle, adorned with a bright gold and cream Overeem banner, atop of a metallic bronze-green label, which helped secure distribution and orders across Australia.