Logo Design

Whether they be called logos, wordmarks, brand identities or trademarks, apart from serving the purpose of identifying the companies or organizations they badge, they can also allude to the nature of business or the products that may be produced.

They are the foundation stone of many a successful enterprise, underpinning the brand culture that is integral to its reputation and adding worth and authenticity to the products produced or the services rendered.

The successful creation of a company’s logo requires the designer to have a clear understanding of everything from the products or services the company may provide as well as its internal beliefs and goals. If designed with vision and knowledge, it will provide the means to establish a noticeable point of difference in the marketplace, particularly when the products or services on offer are similar to those of ones competitors.

But where many business or individuals come unstuck, is in their lack of commitment to ensuring that all that follows is in sync with their new logo. Simply stamping it on their business card or website may be expedient, but in reality, it fails to spearhead a real change in the visual brand culture and tone of voice of the revitalized enterprise – it is simply a minor ‘tart up’, a thin coat of veneer destined to wear thinner before the season is out, and likely to leave customers confused and apprehensive.

But what are ‘visual brand culture’ and ‘tone of voice’? Quite simply they are the terms used to describe the consistent use of colourways, typographic fonts, style of photographic imagery and, the tone of the writing style used in promotional material, be it in print or online. All of it needs to sit comfortably with the new company logo.

One should also realize that a logo is not a fashion statement to be changed on a whim. Designed well, it will have longevity, transcend fashion and add value to a company. Be they for a small business or a large enterprise, REB Design has designed a raft of brand identities over the past 20 years that still exist and have become synonymous with success at varying levels. They include Bunnings Warehouse (a retailer of home and garden improvement products in Australia and New Zealand and a major supplier of building materials), New Norcia Bakeries (an artisan bakery), Brew-Ha (a speciality coffee roaster and importer of fine loose-leaf teas), Hawaiian (a property group, which owns and manages an extensive Australia-wide commercial, retail and hospitality portfolio) and The Perth Mint Australia (internationally renowned for its minted products and its precious metal depository).