Graphic Design

For many, be they the owners of small businesses or the managers of a large enterprise, investing in graphic design services can be confronting - it’s a commitment to the unknown, the intangible. How should one articulate the requirements for an organization’s identity, or packaging for a consumer product, particularly in light of the knowledge that the solution may have a profound effect on its success or failure in the marketplace?

Before it can begin, good graphic design requires the ‘good oil’ of strategic consulting - a structured process of client and competitor analysis, research, brief writing, collaboration and… a dob of creative intuition.

At REB Design, it allows us to define or understand an organization’s vision, culture and purpose; its strength and weaknesses, opportunities and threats; its similarities with competitors and its all-important USPs (unique selling propositions - i.e. what makes it different to the competition). But more importantly, it affords the client a much clearer understanding as to what are realistic goals, milestones and budgets, and what effects they can expect to have on their organization’s bottom line. For the client, this is important, as they will eventually need to see a positive return on their capital investment (ROI) and trust.

The value of good graphic design, or should we say, a GOOD GRAPHIC DESIGNER, should never be underestimated. They bring to the table an enormous ‘bucket of knowledge filled with arts history, colour and texture, engaging writing, photography and art direction, printmaking, strategic thinking, trends and consumer thinking. What they develop should not only be visually arresting and catch the attention of a client’s target market, it should also have longevity, as great graphic design is far more than just a passing fashion statement.

So one would likely be on the money if they called us ‘brand architects’ – developers of visual communication solutions that make strong and lasting impressions on well-defined markets, while understanding the need to keep an eye on commercial reality.

At REB Design, this mantra has been the platform for a host of successful projects for a client base stretching across Australia. Be it the design of a logo for clients such as for LOGIQC or Hawaiian; a fully integrated branding program for enterprises such as Wesbeam or Brew-Ha; an arresting document for institutions such as Curtin University; or a tempting retail package for companies such as Tasmania Distillery, our  business philosophy has always been holistic, with a strong emphasis placed on understanding each product or service, its market and of course, its chief participants.