Brochure Design

The on-line promotion of services and products has increased exponentially over the past few years, but most organizations and companies still realise the high marketing worth of the printed medium, particularly brochures.

Whether it be for use in a marketing campaign via traditional ‘snail mail’ or to be handed directly to potential clients or customers, the use of the printed medium engages senses that the digital medium cannot.

Most of people will recall the joy of browsing through a publication and being seduced by the quality of the imagery overlaid with glossy varnish, the tactility of the paper stock beneath the fingers and the smell of ‘print’ – the marriage of ink and paper. Then there are the surprises truly confined to the printed medium – heavy embossing and metallic foiling embellishments that play with the light and which not only add value, but also demand retention.

The final form, or make-up of a printed piece also allows it to stand tall in comparison to its digital counterparts. It may comprise of different paper stocks – some smooth, others with a degree of texture; may be concertina folded, gate folded or bound in a unique way; be die cut; incorporate a satin or gloss laminate to its cover and be designed to fit easily into an envelope for cost efficient direct mailing.

Quite simply, the printed medium is versatile, and it is this versatility that affords clients a wealth of options to promote their story, enterprise, products or services in a good-manner that suits their budgets and time constraints.

Designed well, a printed brochure will generate interest, have retention value and very likely to be kept by the recipient. Be they for individuals, foundations, a small business or a large enterprise, REB Design has created numerous printed documents of varying sizes and complexities. They include product informational brochures for the likes of Wesbeam (a producer and supplier of laminated veneer lumber in the Australian market); intriguing larger format, property development brochures, such as that for the NEXT building in the Perth CBD; highly cost effective yet considered DL brochures like the one designed for 3drops (a boutique wine and olive oil producer in Mount Barker) for general distribution at expositions; informative, capital raising brochures for institutions such as Curtin University; capability brochures, such as that developed for Dale Group (a company specialising in commercial and industrial roof maintenance and repairs); and elegant informational brochures such as those designed for international guests of The Pearl Room, the premium gaming facility at Crown Casino Perth.